The Namsan
14 Non Stick Wok


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The Namsan Gas Barbecue 14 non-stick wok: the essential wok for gas barbecue

  • Suitable for all barbecues
  • Works on all stovetops in the kitchen
  • Perfect for all types of cooking
  • Quick and easy cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher
  • Ergonomic handle especially for stir-fries
  • The wok is ideal for a healthy diet
  • Free Book: 20 quick and healthy recipes


A revolution for your barbecue meals

Do you dream of cooking tender and tasty meats directly on your barbecue? The Namsan Gas Barbecue Wok is the perfect companion. Specifically designed for gas barbecue woks, it will transform your cooking. Chicken, traditionally cooked in a pan, acquires an irresistible grilled flavor, just like other meats and vegetables.

Traditional utensils can often limit your culinary abilities, especially on a barbecue. But with the Namsan, made of sturdy cast iron, this barrier disappears. Whether you’re preparing a traditional Asian recipe or experimenting, this utensil is a must-have.

Unlike a traditional pan, this wok is designed for intense grill cooking. Thanks to its non-stick coating, food doesn’t stick, and its ability to evenly conduct heat ensures perfectly grilled foods. Fancy steam cooking? No problem, although lidless, its design allows for varied cooking.

Its generous dimensions make it perfect for cooking for 2 to 6 people. You will appreciate the versatility it offers, compatible with all types of heat sources: induction, electric, gas, ceramic. Plus, cleaning is a breeze.


Your free culinary guide

To help you get started with your new wok, we’ve included a special book. Discover 20 quick and healthy wok recipes, perfect for every occasion. Whether you’re an experienced chef or a beginner in Asian cooking, these recipes will guide you step by step to create delicious and impressive dishes.


From steam cooking to grill cooking, each recipe is designed to get the most out of your Namsan Gas Barbecue Wok. Get ready to discover new flavors and techniques!

Is this wok not the one you’re looking for? Enjoy wonderful family recipes this summer. You can also browse more cast iron woks.



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14 Non Stick Wok”

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