The Hokan
Iron Wok Chinese Cuisine


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The Hokan Gas Wok: Perfect for Iron Wok Chinese Cuisine

  • Compatible with all gas stovetops
  • Supports a wide variety of culinary styles
  • Easy cleaning by hand or dishwasher
  • Splash-proof lid ideal for steam cooking
  • Wok cooking promotes a balanced diet
  • Included: a book of 20 healthy and quick recipes offered after purchase

Discover the magic of cooking with the Hokan Gas Wok

Adopting the gas wok Hokan means choosing a quality cooking utensil made of enameled cast iron, designed for lovers of healthy cooking. With its splash-proof lid, you can achieve perfect steam cooking, preserving all the nutrients in your food. There’s no need to juggle between pans and pots anymore, as this wok does it all.

Made of cast iron, a material known for its durability and ability to distribute heat evenly, the Hokan Gas Wok is the perfect cooking utensil for those who love to control every step of their culinary preparation. Plus, it is ready to be seasoned to guarantee a natural and durable non-stick effect.

Whether you’re a fan of cast iron sauté pans or wok pans, this gas wok stands out for its versatility. Its exclusive compatibility with gas ensures rapid temperature rise, ideal for searing your food while retaining its crunch. Moreover, thanks to its glass lid, you can keep an eye on your cooking without losing heat.

Whether you want to perform a dietary cooking, steam cook with a steam basket, or just sauté your vegetables, the Hokan Gas Wok will be your best ally. And remember, each wok comes with a complimentary book of 20 dedicated recipes to elevate your dishes.

A special gift for you

To thank you for your purchase, each Hokan Gas Wok comes with a book of 20 recipes specially designed for wok cooking. From traditional dishes to modern creations, these recipes will guide you step by step to get the most out of your new kitchen utensil. Each recipe highlights the benefits of healthy and quick cooking, perfect for those looking to eat balanced without compromising on taste.




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Iron Wok Chinese Cuisine”

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