The Aino
14 Inch Non Stick Wok


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The Aino Flat-Bottomed Wok: The Revolution of the Ceramic Wok in the 14 Inch Non Stick Wok Range

  • Compatible with all stovetops.
  • Suitable for all cooking methods.
  • Easy hand washing or dishwasher safe.
  • Lid designed for steaming and an ergonomic handle for optimal grip.
  • Cooking with this wok promotes healthy eating.
  • 20 quick and healthy recipes included with your purchase.
Dive into the culinary world of the Aino Wok

The world of kitchen utensils is constantly enriched with innovations. The Aino flat-bottomed wok is a sublime fusion of tradition and modernity. With a ceramic coating, it offers even cooking and easy maintenance. Unlike the traditional cast iron wok, this culinary gem ensures ease of use due to its lightness, as well as optimal steam cooking with its stainless steel lid.

This induction wok stands out for its compatibility with various types of stovetops: induction, electric, gas, and ceramic. Its non-stick coating preserves the quality of your dishes, preventing food from sticking to the surface. Whether it’s a cast iron sauté pan, a pot, or a simple skillet, the Aino Wok performs all functions brilliantly.

The ergonomic handle of the wok ensures easy handling, even when the wok is filled to its maximum capacity. Made primarily of steel, this wok combines durability and lightness. Moreover, its sleek design makes it an elegant addition to any induction cookware set.

Whether you’re a cooking novice or an experienced chef, the Aino flat-bottomed wok will be your go-to for healthy cooking. Its ceramic coating ensures dietary cooking, allowing every family to enjoy tasty and nutritious meals.

A culinary treasure offered

With the purchase of your Aino Wok, receive a bonus digital book brimming with 20 recipes specially designed for the wok. Whether you’re a fan of Asian, vegetarian, or slow-cooked dishes, you’ll find a range of recipes to showcase the capabilities of your new wok. Each recipe has been carefully chosen to provide you with an unforgettable culinary experience while looking after your health.




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14 Inch Non Stick Wok”

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