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Is your desire to buy a high-quality wok for a more complete kitchen growing? The team at Comptoir du Wok® is here to assist you in choosing your Asian cooking instrument.

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After selecting the best wok saute pans at the best prices for you, we have created 4 quality ranges on our online store. They contain a wide selection of products to meet the specific needs of each of our customers. The four main collections we offer are as follows:

Induction Woks: An efficient cooking method that works perfectly for all cooking styles.

Stainless Steel Woks: The easy-to-handle wok that does not require seasoning.

Woks with Lid: Includes several types, such as cast iron wok or carbon steel wok. The lid is essential for cooking that requires time.

The most purchased products after buying a wok. From cooking utensils to wok maintenance.

Our Products

In large supermarkets, specialty stores or small shops, it can be difficult to find the ideal pan or pot. The same goes for the Asian sauté pan! When we launched the Comptoir du Wok® store, a question arose: how to choose a quality wok?

A large Tefal stainless steel wok? A De Buyer carbon steel wok? Buying a traditional or modern wok requires finding conscientious and responsible suppliers with the best guarantees of quality.

It is with this same awareness and responsibility that we guide you in the purchase of your authentic wok.

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From the pan to the wok, our products for sale are suitable for all types of chefs. From the amateur cook to the starred chef, we sell products specific to each use. A good wok allows you to feed all your guests at will. If you have a small family, get a 24 cm diameter wok. Are you a recognized chef? Buy a large 30 cm diameter wok.

Follow our buying guides present in the product sheets as well as in the article “Which Wok to Choose?” to find the cooker that corresponds to your type of cooking.

Need a seller? Do not hesitate to call on our advisors thanks to the “Contact us” section available at the bottom of the page. Our customer service will be delighted to assist you during your purchase of a wok.

In our role as advisor, to facilitate your purchase, as well as the use of this type of cooking, we have carefully written 4 digital books available for sale.

Bestseller: The Wok Maintenance Guide.

A complete digital book written by Chef Nicolas Duchêne, which will tell you the basics of wok maintenance to give a long life to your wok sauté pan.

Getting Fit: 20 Quick and Healthy Recipes

Don’t know what to do with your stainless steel wok? Switch to healthy cooking and get this digital book carefully written by our chef.

The Original: 20 Japanese Recipes

No more using the wok as a casserole. Take the time to learn to cook with our recipe book.

The Classic: 20 Asian Recipes

Perfect for beginners wanting to buy a recipe book. Plus, it’s directly on your smartphone. No need to bother with an old dusty book anymore.

In addition to our products, you will also find on our online store, useful wok utensils during your cooking sessions. Practical and suitable for chefs of all levels, these wok kitchen utensils will guide you in the preparation of your food, wok cooking as well as maintaining your purchase.

To gain maneuverability, feel free to check out our catalog of woks with removable handles. Associated with the right accessories, it will save you precious time for your live cooking. In addition, the handles are easier to maintain, it is the ideal investment to guarantee you the best lifespan of your product.

Want a high-quality wok with a range of accessories? We offer sets based on your level of cooking: the Apprentice, the Chef and the Star. The sets contain the wok and its utensils suitable for your level and one or two guides to help you progress.

Budget-wise, the value of the set is higher. But don’t panic, it’s wok promotion at the moment! Each set benefits from a percentage discount that makes it accessible to all budgets.

Why not go to the store? It’s simple! But what is less so, is finding a qualified wok seller on your street corner.

While waiting for our specialized stores to open their doors, online purchasing offers guarantees and advantages that you cannot have in-store.

Looking for the best price wok? As with our competitors, the Mathon wok or the De Buyer induction wok, you have 30 days to change your mind. We take it back without asking any questions.

We know, finding THE cheap wok, the one that respects your budget, is a real challenge. That’s why we offer promotions throughout the year. A reduced price means more funds available to procure better food.

Our team are first and foremost passionate amateur cooks, and Chef Nicolas Duchêne, eager to offer you quality products. That’s why, in the ranks of our customer service, we have advisors who love and know our products inside out.

Our after-sales service is the guarantee of unbeatable speed. We will offer you a quick and effective solution in case of a problem. In addition, we are committed to satisfying our customers, which is why we are always on the lookout to offer you small bonuses, which make all the difference.

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Last but not least, the final advantage of ordering your wok online is that it is delivered to your home or to a relay point (Mondial Relay). Efficient and tracked delivery. No more getting lost in the long aisles of large supermarkets 40 minutes (round trip) from your home.

Now you know where to buy a quality wok while saving your precious time. Visit the The Wok House store!

how to buy a wok?

Let’s now imagine that you want to acquire a classic cast iron wok, how to proceed?

Choose the product that suits you by browsing our online store. If necessary, use our buying guides in each product description.

Have you made your choice? Click on “Add to cart” then go to the cart, accessible from the icon at the top right of the site.

Click on “Proceed to the next step” and let yourself be guided by the forms. Your payment is encrypted and secured by SSL to guarantee you maximum purchase serenity.

What happens once the item is ordered?

After paying for your brand new shiny wok, a few days go by during the preparation of your order. This is the time when you can still change your mind and cancel your order.

After this period, your wok is shipped and arrives within 7 to 20 days. Thanks to the after-sales service, you can track your package in complete peace of mind.

Is there a problem upon receiving your package? You have 14 days to exchange with our after-sales service and we will find the most advantageous solution for you.

a guaranteed quality

When we opened our business, we made a promise to provide quality products. So this is one of the essential guarantees that we assure our customers.

That’s why we select as much as possible qualified and recognized craftsmen in the production of woks. We want to ensure quality follow-up: from the selection of materials to the first use in your kitchen.

Thus, we pay great attention to wok reviews. Our customers’ feedback is an essential key for the improvement of our services. We learn from our mistakes to become better merchants while making you benefit from our strengths.

The payment for your wok is 100% encrypted and secure thanks to SSL technology. As soon as the payment is validated, you receive an email containing all the information about your order.

Followed, upon shipment, by the tracking number to know exactly where your package is.

For a secure delivery in the best possible time, we use trusted carriers whose speed cannot be questioned.

In addition, we keep in touch with these transport companies to be able to track your package at any time. A hitch? We take care of everything, you don’t have to do anything!

practical tips for the wok

Oriental cooking essentially requires the use of a wok. If you have one, then a whole series of wonderful dishes are available to you. It is preferable to buy a wok rather than using a frying pan (skillet) for more satisfying results when trying the delicious recipes that follow on our blog. The wok is a curved, shallow cooking utensil, bowl-like, made of metal, and has a single long wooden handle or two loop handles on opposite sides of the pan. There are many models of woks. The appropriate diameter for a family is about 30-35 cm (12-14 inches). It can be made of stainless steel, cast iron, or copper, cast iron being the best choice because it retains heat better, especially when well seasoned. The wok has many advantages over the frying pan. Thanks to its convex shape, food is easily moved around the wok and stirred (the basis of frying) and cooks much faster. It can be easily tilted if necessary or rotated to easily reach the ingredients.

Thanks to the curved sides of the wok, the heat rises and the whole wok becomes a hot cooking surface. It therefore saves fuel and is perfect for quick cooking and stir-fries. Cleaning is no problem as there are no corners or edges in the wok.

Useful Equipment

There are several other pieces of equipment that will be useful with a wok. One of the most important in Western cuisine is the collar. This is a metal ring with sloping sides and hollows that facilitate the convection of heat from our modern stoves. The wok is placed in the collar and allows more uniform cooking than if it were simply placed on an electric hob. A long-handled spatula is useful for cooking and removing food as the curved edge follows the curve of the wok. Be sure to buy one with a wooden handle to insulate your hands from the heat.

The wok is mainly used to stir-fry food, but can also be used for frying and steaming. A frying strainer or shallow wire basket is useful for ridding food of grease and a steaming trivet will transform your wok into a steamer.

It is obvious that a lid is essential for some wok cooking. It must be domed and well-fitted inside the wok to seal in flavours during steaming. Many wok sets contain all these additional pieces of equipment on our site, as they are essential for wok cooking if you want to exploit all its potential.

Using Your Wok

Before using your wok: it is essential to season your wok like other pans. Wipe the inside and outside of the wok with oiled absorbent paper and heat it over high heat in the oven or on the hob. Remove the wok from the heat, let it cool and repeat this process several times to clean it and give it a non-stick coating. After the first seasoning, the wok can be cleaned with water and soap, but it must be dried immediately if it is cast iron, to prevent it from rusting. In general, the wok is simply wiped and left to blacken with use. It is said that the blacker the wok, the better the cook, as this shows the frequency of use of the wok.

Stir-Fries in the wok

Stir-frying is often done in stages. This allows foods that have a longer cooking time to be stir-fried, removed and put back in the wok later, and to retain individual flavours. The dish is always brought together at the end of cooking in the wok and served as a whole. Peanut or corn oil is generally used to fry the food, but sometimes chicken fat and sometimes lard for more delicate flavours.

The wok is mainly used for stir-fries, a cooking method originating from China, which remains the most recognised form of Chinese cooking. This method has spread throughout East Asia. In China, it is called Ch’au, which essentially means that one or more ingredients are cut into thin, regular slices and cooked in 1 to 2 tablespoons of fat. The food is stirred with long bamboo chopsticks or a spatula, and seasonings and sauces are added.

wok cooking around the world

A large pan or karahi is used, which sits above a hole in a brick or clay oven. This wok-shaped container is used for braising and frying.

The famous curry or karahi takes its name from the pan. In Indonesia, a wajan or wok is used on wood or charcoal for curries, rice dishes, and quick stir-fries. The same goes for Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, all of which have been influenced by Chinese cuisine. Even the Mongolian barbecue looks like a wok, since it is a convex shape.

You will understand, in light of the above information, that wok and pan cooking methods are both essential and unique to Asian and Far Eastern cuisine, as they are fast, light, healthy and extremely versatile. The following recipes take you on a magical journey to the Far East, covering soups, appetizers, meats and poultry, fabulous fish dishes, vegetarian dishes and, of course, rice and noodles, the staple foods in these countries. So get out your wok and get ready for the feast of flavours that awaits you!