Oniri Edition Wok Set


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Discover the All Clad Non Stick Oniri Wok Set

  • An Oniri wok: $89
  • A Bradi cleaning brush: $14
  • 20 Japanese wok recipes (digital book): $14
  • 20 Asian wok recipes (digital book): $14 FREE
  • A to Z wok maintenance guide (digital book): $14

Total value of the set: $131
Current price: $99

*Box not included

The essence of Asian cuisine in a unique set!

With the All Clad Non Stick Oniri Wok Set, dive into the heart of Asian flavors. Cooking becomes a real pleasure with this high-quality wok, perfect for simmering chicken, stir-frying shrimp, or preparing sautéed noodles. Wok cooking is known to preserve the flavors and nutrients of your ingredients. Get seduced by the most delicious dishes of Asian cuisine.

Cook rice, stir-fry beef curry, or prepare a wok of crunchy vegetables in Thai broth, everything is possible with the Oniri Wok Set. The robustness of its main material, BPA-free steel, promises uniform cooking, on high heat, thus preserving each flavor.

The included maintenance guide ensures optimized use and care of your wok. And for even more convenience, the Bradi cleaning brush will allow you to maintain your wok gently and efficiently.

It’s the perfect gift for cooking enthusiasts and especially for lovers of Asian gastronomy. Treat yourself and discover new ways of cooking with the Oniri Wok Set.

A culinary journey offered

The Oniri Wok Set would not be complete without its digital recipe books. Embark on a culinary journey and discover 20 Japanese and 20 Asian recipes to delight your taste buds. From starters to desserts, master the art of wok cooking with ease.


You can also explore other wok sets that will help you prepare delicious recipes at home. Our wok set collection offers different versions of packs, so don’t wait to discover them!



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