The Yari
Big Wok Pan


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The Curved Yari 40 cm: The Essence of Asian Cooking with the Best Big Wok Pan

  • Exclusively suited for gas cooking.
  • Perfect for simmering or searing food.
  • Stainless steel lid designed for optimal steam cooking.
  • Equipped with two handles for comfortable handling.
  • Easy and quick maintenance.
  • As a bonus: receive our digital book containing 20 healthy and quick recipes.

Dive into the culinary experience with the Yari

In the rich tradition of Asian kitchen utensils, the 40 cm Curved Yari wok stands out for its excellence. Made primarily of stainless steel, this wok combines durability with precise cooking, all in an ideal format for everyday cooking.

Whether it’s for stir-frying your vegetables or simmering a dish, this wok is the ideal tool. Its non-stick coating guarantees healthy cooking while preventing your food from sticking to the bottom. Moreover, its exclusive compatibility with gas cooking ensures uniform and rapid heating.

The stainless steel lid complements this wok, allowing flawless steam cooking while retaining flavors. The absence of a wooden handle makes cleaning easy, and the two sturdy handles guarantee easy and safe handling.

In addition to its primary function as a wok pan, the Yari can also be used as a frying pan or induction pot. Its elegant design and shiny metal finish make it not only an essential cooking utensil but also a beautiful object to present on the table.

Because cooking goes well beyond food preparation, the Curved Yari Wok is more than just a utensil; it’s an invitation to explore healthy, dietary, and flavorful cooking.

A culinary journey offered

By choosing the Curved Yari Wok, we offer you much more than just a simple wok. Receive our exclusive digital book containing 20 authentic and healthy wok recipes. Discover how to highlight your ingredients, master Asian cooking techniques, and surprise your guests with tasty and original dishes.

Each recipe has been carefully selected to offer you a unique culinary experience, emphasizing the simplicity and efficiency of wok cooking. From starters to desserts, explore a new way of cooking, healthy and delicious.


If this wok is not what you’re looking for, there are other options available for your needs!



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Big Wok Pan”

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