The Tekari
Cast Iron Wok With Lid


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The Tekari Cast Iron Wok with Lid: The Induction Handle-less Wok Expert

  • Compatible with all stovetops
  • Perfect for simmering your dishes
  • Two handles for optimal maneuverability
  • Special steam ecological wooden lid
  • Preserves all the vitamins in the food
  • 20 quick and healthy recipes (FREE digital book)
Description of the Tekari Handle-less Wok

The Tekari Handle-less Wok is more than just a kitchen utensil. It’s a game-changer for all cooking enthusiasts. Specifically designed for induction stovetops, but also adaptable to all types of burners, this wok is the essential companion for modern-day cooks.

Its cast iron design ensures excellent heat distribution, perfect for simmering, frying, or simply cooking your dishes. Thanks to its special coating, the Tekari Wok is a wok to be seasoned, meaning it becomes naturally non-stick over time, with no need for chemicals.

Every detail has been carefully thought out to enhance your cooking experience. Its two handles offer unparalleled maneuverability, and its ecological wooden lid, designed for special steam dispersion, ensures that your food retains all its vitamins. What’s more, with its capacity to serve 1 to 6 people, you can prepare meals for the whole family or guests in no time.

And for those wondering how to maintain this wok, the answer is straightforward: easy cleaning and dishwasher safe. Plus, for budding chefs or experts looking to diversify their recipes, the Tekari Wok comes with a free digital book, containing 20 recipes designed especially for the wok.

Discover the Included Recipes

The digital book that comes with your Tekari Wok is a treasure trove for lovers of Asian cuisine and beyond. With 20 quick and healthy recipes, learn how to make the most of your handle-less induction wok. From crispy sautéed vegetables to delectable simmered dishes, this book is the perfect companion to diversify your meals and impress your guests.




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Cast Iron Wok With Lid”

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