The Kang
Large Cast Iron Wok


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The Kang Barbecue Wok: The Essential Large Cast Iron Wok for Your Grilling

  • Compatible with all barbecue models.
  • Perfectly suitable for all cooking plates.
  • Adapted to a variety of cooking methods.
  • Easy cleaning, manually or in the dishwasher.
  • Lid designed for optimal steam cooking.
  • Wok cooking promotes a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Included bonus: 20 nutritious and quick-to-make recipes.


Discover the magic of cooking with the Kang Wok

The Kang Barbecue Wok is not just a kitchen utensil; it’s an invitation to explore the true essence of wok cooking. Made of enameled cast iron, this wok combines sturdiness and efficiency, ensuring uniform cooking, whether you want to simmer your dishes or sear them quickly. Its cast iron surface allows optimal heat retention, ideal for low-temperature cooking.

Every detail has been thought of to enhance your cooking experience. Its coating is ready to be seasoned, guaranteeing a natural and effective surface for years. In addition, stews and long cooking will be enhanced thanks to its lid specially designed for steam cooking.

The Kang Barbecue Wok will quickly become an essential part of your kitchen, whether it’s for Asian cuisine recipes or to reinvent your favorite dishes. Thanks to its non-stick coating, you can enjoy the authentic flavor of the food, without sticking. It’s the ideal tool for simmering, searing, and even roasting!

Accompanied by its EU / CE / CIQ certifications, you have the assurance of a quality product, compliant with current standards. Its elegant design and finish will delight your guests and enhance your kitchen.


A complimentary book to explore all possibilities

With every Kang Barbecue Wok, receive a book of 20 wok recipes to discover and master all the subtleties of wok cooking. From traditional dishes to modern creations, explore a variety of recipes that will highlight flavors and textures. This culinary guide is the perfect companion to start or perfect your wok cooking skills.



Summer is approaching, it’s time to get the BBQ out in the garden! Enjoy delicious recipes on the fire. Alternatively, you can browse our collection to find the utensil that suits you best.



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Large Cast Iron Wok”

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