Black Edition Wok Set


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Discover the Black Edition Wok Set: Your Essential Culinary Partner!

  • Sturdy design with a non-stick coating for seamless cooking.
  • Elegant “Black Edition” design to elevate your kitchen aesthetics.
  • Perfect for simmering, stir-frying, and crafting delicious Asian recipes.
  • Comes with a lid to retain flavors and aromas.
  • Compliant with EU/CE/CIQ standards, ensuring quality and safety.
  • Easy to maintain, guaranteeing exceptional longevity.


A complete set at a discounted price
  • A Shirane wok: $79
  • A Bradi cleaning brush: $14
  • 20 Japanese wok recipes (digital book): $14
  • 20 Asian wok recipes (digital book): $14
  • A to Z wok maintenance guide (digital book): $14

Total set value: $135
Current price: $99

*Box not included


Why is the Black Edition Wok Set a must-have for your kitchen?

The Black Edition Wok Set is more than just a kitchen utensil, it’s the promise of delicious and flavorful dishes. Imagine yourself, spoon in hand, stir-frying juicy pieces of chicken, crispy shrimp, or tender beef in this wok. Add crunchy vegetables, a few drops of soy sauce and watch your dishes come to life with the incomparable flavor of Asian cuisine.

Wok cooking is an Asian tradition that dates back centuries. Whether it’s stir-fried noodles, vegetable wok, or a spicy Thai curry, the secret to a successful dish lies in the quality of your wok. With the Black Edition Wok Set, you not only get a premium utensil but also a reliable culinary companion for all your cooking needs.

The carbon steel, the main material of this wok, ensures even heat distribution, allowing your meats and vegetables to cook uniformly. Moreover, thanks to its non-stick coating, no more food sticking! And that’s not all: its “Black Edition” elegant design will add a modern and refined touch to your kitchen.

Whether it’s stir-frying veggies, simmering a flavorful broth, or preparing stir-fried Chinese noodles, this wok is the perfect tool. It allows for fast high-heat cooking, all while preserving the authentic flavor and crunch of the ingredients.


An exclusive gift: Your free recipe book!

And that’s not all! With the purchase of the Black Edition Wok Set, get an exclusive book containing 20 authentic and delicious wok recipes. From stir-fried chicken to shrimp curry, explore iconic Asian dishes and tantalize your taste buds. With simple and clear instructions, even beginner cooks can craft chef-worthy dishes!

Each recipe is designed to showcase your wok’s unique capabilities, guiding you step by step towards culinary success. It’s the perfect opportunity to diversify your menu and add an Asian touch to your daily meals.





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