The Lanska
Wok For Induction Stove


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The Lanska Professional Wok: The Go-to Wok for Induction Stoves!

  • Works with all types of stovetops
  • All kinds of cooking methods are possible
  • Easy and quick hand-wash or dishwasher cleaning
  • Special steam cooking lid and ergonomic handle
  • Cooking with a wok is ideal for healthy eating
  • Free digital guide: 20 quick and healthy recipes
A Revolution In Your Kitchen

The Lanska Professional Wok is a must-have for anyone serious about cooking. Made of Steel without BPA, this wok ensures even heat distribution, crucial for simmering, frying, or steaming. Its compatibility with all heat sources, whether it’s induction, gas, electric or ceramic, makes it a versatile cooking tool.

Unlike traditional pans and pots, this professional wok provides a larger cooking surface. This ensures more uniform and faster cooking. Its non-stick coating ensures cooking without sticking and easy cleaning, even after cooking sticky or spicy preparations.

In addition to being a premium cooking tool, the Lanska Professional Wok is also designed for user comfort. Its handle is ergonomic for easy and secure handling, even when cooking at high temperatures. Moreover, it’s light, weighing only 1.2 Kg, making it easy to maneuver while cooking.

Whether you’re a professional chef or a cooking enthusiast, this wok is designed to meet all your cooking and preparation needs. It’s the perfect companion for creating delicious and healthy dishes while saving time and being efficient.

Exclusive Digital Guide

In addition to this fantastic professional wok, we’re thrilled to offer an exclusive digital guide with 20 recipes specifically designed for the wok. These quick and healthy recipes will help you unlock the potential of your new tool, while delighting your guests. From crispy sautéed vegetables to caramelized chicken, this guide invites you to culinary exploration.




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