The Tate
14 Inch Stainless Steel Wok


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Discover The Tate: The 14 inch Stainless Steel Wok Benchmark!

  • This wok is for gas cooking only.
  • Ideal for marinating and simmering your dishes.
  • Retains all the benefits of your food during cooking.
  • Equipped with two metal handles.
  • Easy to clean after each use.
  • Included: 20 quick and healthy recipes (digital book).

The Essence of Cooking with The Tate Wok!

Want to turn your kitchen into a true flavor lab? The Tate 36 cm Wok, made of stainless steel, is the utensil you need. Its non-stick coating guarantees healthy cooking, without sticking, for all your preparations. Whether you want to fry, sauté or simmer, this wok will quickly become your best ally in the kitchen.

The absence of a glass lid enhances its practicality, making it ideal for those who like to keep an eye on their cooking. Compatibility? This wok is designed for gas, making it the perfect tool for those who prefer this heat source. Its BPA-free non-stick coating not only ensures perfect cooking, but also unmatched ease of cleaning. No more hours spent scrubbing; The Tate Wok cleans in a flash.

The size of 36 cm is perfect for cooking for a family or friends, with a capacity ranging from 2 to 8 people. Moreover, its durability is assured by several certifications including EU, CE, and CIQ, thus guaranteeing a high-quality and long-lasting kitchen utensil.

And because every detail matters, this wok is also equipped with two metal handles for easy and secure handling, even in full action. Add to this its sleek and modern design, and you have the perfect utensil for all your culinary desires!

Bonus: Your 20 Free Wok Recipes!

With the purchase of the Tate 36 cm Wok, we offer you a digital book of 20 recipes specially designed for the wok. Whether you are a beginner or a cooking expert, these recipes will guide you step by step to create tasty and healthy dishes. From starters to desserts, explore new flavors and techniques, and take your taste buds on a journey!

This is our way of thanking you for your trust and also to inspire you in your future culinary creations. A wok is more than just a utensil; it’s a gateway to a world of flavors!


If you’re looking for a larger wok, the 38 cm wok might be more to your liking. And why not take a look at our stainless steel wok range to find the metal kitchen utensil that will revolutionize your recipes.



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14 Inch Stainless Steel Wok”

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