The Benka
Ceramic Non Stick Wok


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The Benka: A Revolutionary Ceramic Non-Stick Wok for Every Kitchen

  • Works with all stove types
  • Execute all cooking methods with ease
  • Effortless maintenance by hand or in the dishwasher
  • Ergonomic handle for easy stir-frying
  • Cooking with a wok is ideal for a healthy diet
  • Included: 20 quick and healthy recipes [Digital book]


The Wok that Transforms Your Cooking

Looking for the perfect cooking utensil? The Benka Wok is the ultimate kitchen tool for all food lovers. Made of sturdy steel and featuring a natural non-stick coating, it delivers even cooking on all surfaces, be it induction, electric, gas, or ceramic.

Beyond its versatility for all types of cooktops, including induction, this wok stands out for its ability to simmer, fry, or stir-fry your ingredients. Its steel design ensures exceptional longevity while ensuring even heat distribution. More than just a utensil, it’s a revolution for your kitchen!

Its ergonomic handle makes stir-frying easier, and cleaning it in the dishwasher is a breeze thanks to its non-stick coating. Traditional pans and pots simply can’t compete with the versatility and efficiency of this wok.

By using the Benka Wok, you will not only benefit from perfect cooking but also a healthy and balanced diet. The vitamins and nutrients in your food will be preserved, highlighting the authentic flavors of each dish.


More Than a Tool: A Source of Inspiration

With each purchase of the Benka Wok, receive a bonus digital book offering 20 quick and healthy recipes. Explore new ways of cooking, discover exotic dishes, or revisit classics with this guide. Each recipe is designed to make the most of your new wok, ensuring delicious meals every time.



If this wok is too large for your use, consider this smaller wok for a more minimalist kitchen. You can also check out our collection of induction-ready woks suitable for induction and ceramic cooktops.



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