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The Yakushi Family Size: The Best Big Wok for 32 cm Cooking

  • Designed exclusively for gas cooking
  • Perfect for marinating and simmering your dishes
  • Retains all the benefits and nutrients of the ingredients
  • Two handles for optimal ease of use
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • With your 1st purchase: 20 healthy & fast recipes (Free)


A Must-Have for Culinary Lovers

Made of stainless steel, this 32 cm wok is the dream of all cooking enthusiasts. Its non-stick coating guarantees perfect cooking, whether you want to fry, sauté, or simmer. With its design suitable for all heat sources, including induction, it is the ideal companion for a variety of stovetops, even ceramic ones.

The non-stick feature of this wok ensures that your dishes do not stick, making cooking and cleaning a breeze. Furthermore, the rust-proof quality ensures that this kitchen tool will stand the test of time, maintaining its non-stick properties. It adapts to all your needs, be it for quickly frying or slowly simmering your favorite dishes.

Why choose a skillet when you can have this versatile wok? Its 38 cm diameter makes it ideal for cooking for the entire family. Moreover, the two sturdy handles ensure safe and comfortable handling, even when it’s full.

Without a lid, it provides great flexibility for various cooking styles and is dishwasher safe. It’s the kitchen utensil every gourmet must own.


Explore Asian Cuisine

As a bonus, with your first purchase, we offer a book of 20 healthy and quick wok recipes. Whether you’re new to Asian cooking or looking to expand your repertoire, these recipes will guide you in impressing your guests and delighting your family.

From crispy stir-fries to nourishing soups, each recipe has been chosen to highlight the versatility and performance of your new wok. Dive into the culinary adventure that only a wok can offer!



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Best Big Wok”

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