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The Chef’s Wok Set: A Must-Have for Asian Cooking with Wok Pan with Lid

  • Shirane Wok + Lid: $79
  • Bradi cleaning brush: $14
  • Set of 3 utensils: $29
  • Boka trivet: $14
  • 2 Japanese wooden bowls Biwi: $38
  • 20 Japanese wok recipes (digital book): $14 FREE
  • 20 Asian wok recipes (digital book): $14 FREE
  • 20 quick and healthy recipes (digital book): $14 FREE

Total set value: $216
Current price: $169

*Box not included

Unleash the chef in you with The Chef’s Wok Set!

Do you dream of cooking tasty dishes worthy of the greatest Asian kitchens? With The Chef’s Wok Set, stir-fry your crispy vegetables, simmer your meats and noodles, and prepare delicious dishes. This essential utensil, a true Asian sauté pan, allows for high-heat cooking for unparalleled flavors. Whether you’re preparing a chicken, beef, or shrimp stir-fry, cooking in a wok ensures a perfectly cooked result, with less fat, while preserving the crunchiness of the veggies.

Discover the art of wok cooking with this complete set. From Thai chicken fried rice to beef curry or Chinese noodles, each wok recipe will become child’s play. Thanks to its non-stick coating, your dishes won’t stick, making cleaning easier. Cook, stir-fry, and simmer as desired, while monitoring the cooking with its lid.

The BPA-free carbon steel ensures even cooking and a long lifespan for this top-quality utensil. Plus, its capacity is suitable for both romantic dinners and cooking for a family of 6. EU, CE, and CIQ certifications attest to the quality and safety of the product.

Each set also contains digital recipe books to inspire you. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced chef, these recipes will guide you step by step to tasty and authentic dishes. With The Chef’s Wok Set, rediscover the passion for Asian cooking and delight your guests!

Discover the secrets of Asian cuisine with our free books

What better way to master the art of wok cooking than to have authentic and detailed recipes at hand? Each Chef’s Wok Set includes three free digital books. From traditional Japanese recipes, varied Asian preparations, to quick and healthy recipes for weeknights, you’ll have everything you need to impress your guests. Each recipe is explained step by step, with tips and advice for guaranteed success. Dive into the richness of Asian cuisine and let your taste buds travel!




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