The Pankon
Carbon Steel Wok Induction


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Pankon: The Ultimate Carbon Steel Wok Induction Experience

  • Wok compatible with all types of stoves
  • Ideal for all cooking styles
  • Easy to clean by hand and dishwasher-safe
  • Ergonomic wooden handle for excellent grip
  • Perfect for healthy eating
  • Free digital book: 20 quick and healthy recipes
A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

The traditional steel wok Pankon takes you back to the origins of Asian cooking. This utensil, made from high-quality stainless steel, is a centerpiece for those who wish to master the art of cooking with a wok. Whether you’re making stir-fried noodles, a wok of crunchy vegetables, or simmering delicious meats, this wok will be your best ally.

Every cooking session becomes a journey into Asian tradition. With its ability to stir-fry quickly, it retains the crunch of vegetables and the tenderness of meats. Its steel ensures optimal heat distribution, ensuring even cooking, whether for fast cooking or simmering.

The traditional design of the Pankon Wok is complemented by modern features. Its wooden handle, not only provides an aesthetic touch but is also ergonomic, ensuring a comfortable grip for a hassle-free cooking experience.

If you’re new to wok cooking, don’t worry. The Pankon is ready to be seasoned, and instructions guide you step by step in this essential process to achieve a natural non-stick surface. Additionally, this wok is compatible with all stoves, be it induction, electric, gas, or ceramic, making it perfect for all kitchens.

Discover or rediscover the pleasure of preparing delicious Asian dishes, with an authentic touch thanks to the Pankon Traditional Carbon Steel Wok.

20 recipes to start your culinary adventure

Every Pankon Traditional Carbon Steel Wok comes with a complimentary digital book. Inside, discover 20 quick and healthy recipes to get started with your new wok. From traditional dishes to modern innovations, explore the rich world of wok cooking. This guide is perfect for those venturing into Asian dishes for the first time, or for experts looking for new inspirations.


Wok cooking is healthy and fast, which is why this wok with a wooden handle should satisfy you for your vegetable stir-fries in the kitchen. Check out our category in an instant!



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Carbon Steel Wok Induction”

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