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Induction Woks


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The Kosanji Induction Wok: Chefs’ Choice for Perfect Cooking

  • Works with all cooktops
  • Perform all types of cooking
  • Effortless maintenance by hand or in the dishwasher
  • Ergonomic handle for good user comfort
  • Cooking with a wok is ideal for a healthy diet
  • Guide of 20 quick and healthy recipes: Offered with your first purchase
The Revolution of Induction Cooking

The Kosanji Induction Wok Pan adapts perfectly to all kitchens, offering unmatched performance for all stoves including induction. Thanks to its high-quality steel material, it guarantees even heat distribution, essential for simmering, frying, or stir-frying your preparations.

Designed to last, this pan combines the efficiency of stainless steel with the comfort of cast iron. Its non-stick ceramic coating ensures seamless cooking, while making its cleaning easier. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a passionate amateur, the Kosanji meets all your cooking needs.

Beyond its functionality, this kitchen utensil is an aesthetic asset for all kitchens. Its ergonomic handle offers easy and secure handling, while its lid allows for varied cooking methods. Say goodbye to cumbersome cookware sets: with this wok, reduce the number of utensils while optimizing the quality of your dishes.

The move to induction has revolutionized the way of cooking. Thanks to this pan specifically designed for induction plates, but also electric, gas, and ceramic hobs, enjoy even and fast cooking. Change your approach to cooking and discover new ways to prepare your favorite dishes.

Exclusive Offer for Food Lovers

We understand the importance of diversifying meals. That’s why, with every purchase of the Kosanji Induction Wok Pan, we offer you an exclusive guide of 20 wok recipes. Discover healthy dishes that are quick to prepare, showcasing the versatility of this essential kitchen tool.

Whether you’re looking for new inspirations or want to refine your techniques, this recipe book will quickly become your best ally in the kitchen. Explore new flavors and impress your guests with tasty and original dishes.


Prepare delicious meals in a carbon steel wok and rediscover the flavors of your food. Explore our induction wok collection in one click and find the cooking instrument you need for your recipes.



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