The Hotaka
Wok Induction Cooktop


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The 30cm Hotaka Wok: Authenticity Tailored for Your Induction Cooktop Kitchen

  • Operates exclusively on gas hobs.
  • Prepare large family meals with ease.
  • Equipped with two handles for easy handling.
  • Preserves the nutritional integrity of your food.
  • Quick and easy cleaning.
  • Included: Digital book containing 20 healthy and quick recipes.


Discover the Secret to Successful Asian Cuisine

The 30cm Hotaka Wok is more than just a kitchen utensil, it’s a true passport to Asian cuisine. Specifically designed in stainless steel, this wok ensures consistent and flavorful cooking. Crunchy vegetables, stewed meats, or even stir-fried noodles have never tasted so good.

The cooking method offered by the wok is unique. In addition to allowing you to stir-fry your ingredients effortlessly, it guarantees a quick cook that retains all the flavors. Every wok recipe becomes a culinary journey, a dive into the most authentic Asian traditions.

Wok cooking is known for its flavorful dishes yet low in fats. With the 30cm Hotaka Wok, rediscover the pleasure of cooking healthy and delicious Asian wok dishes, where meats, vegetables, and noodles come to life.

Made of stainless steel, this 30 cm wok combines robustness and elegance. Its non-stick coating ensures smooth cooking and makes cleaning much easier. The authenticity of Asian cuisine is within reach.


A Book to Elevate Your Skills

And that’s not all! To accompany your Hotaka Wok, we offer you a digital book filled with recipes that are healthy and quick. Whether you’re a novice or an expert in Asian cuisine, this guide will help you diversify your dishes and impress your guests. From vegetable wok preparations to stir-fried noodles, each page is an invitation to discovery and indulgence.



If you prefer to buy a wok with a handle for making stir-fried noodles, for example? This wok should suit you well. Don’t forget to check out our range to find the perfect wok.



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