Wok Gas Adapter


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Simple and Effective for Your Wok Ring for Gas Stove
  • Assured stability and positioning
  • Better heat conduction
  • Claws for holding
  • Highly resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Adaptable to all types of gas stoves

Gas Wok Adapter

If you have a wok and a gas stove, this adapter will allow you to stabilize and hold your wok firmly in place. You can then carry out all cooking modes you desire with ease, without the risk of spilling the food contents of the wok. Its holding claws allow it to grip the wok (without scratching it) for even more stability.

In addition to this, it concentrates the heat conduction in the wok for better cooking. This adapter made of aluminum is highly heat resistant and is very easy to clean. You can set it up on your stove in no time, without any effort.

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