The Kalda
Enameled Cast Iron Wok


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The Kalda Enameled Cast Iron Wok Barbecue: The Cooking Revolution!

  • Compatible with all barbecue models.
  • Can also be used on traditional stovetops.
  • Allows a wide variety of cooking modes.
  • Easy to clean by hand or directly in the dishwasher.
  • Equipped with an ergonomic handle for perfect cooking control.
  • Opt for wok cooking and benefit from a healthier diet.
  • Bonus: receive a book containing 20 tasty and healthy recipes.


Discover the Magic of Cooking with Kalda!

The barbecue cast iron wok Kalda is more than just a kitchen utensil; it’s a culinary journey into the world of Asian cuisine. Made from cast iron, it offers healthy cooking, allowing food to simmer gently while retaining all their flavors.

The unique enameled cast iron of Kalda gives you the ability to cook at low temperatures. Whether you want to make stewed dishes, use your cast iron pan, or explore the depths of wok cooking, this cooking utensil is the ideal tool. Its main material, cast iron, is known for its durability and its ability to distribute heat evenly.

The non-stick coating of Kalda ensures smooth cooking, while its stainless steel reinforces its longevity. With its ergonomic handle, every cooking moment becomes pure pleasure, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: the delicious flavors of your dishes.

Cooking utensils, like Kalda, are not just tools but companions on your culinary journey. The wok cooking method, originating from Asian cuisine, is recognized for its benefits and rich flavors.

Join the adventure, cook, explore, and savor every bite with the Kalda Enameled Cast Iron Wok Barbecue!


A Guide for Foodies

By choosing the Kalda Enameled Cast Iron Wok Barbecue, you also get a valuable companion: a book of 20 recipes dedicated to wok cooking. From simple preparations to more elaborate recipes, this guide will introduce you to chefs’ secrets and the subtleties of Asian cuisine.

Learn to simmer, sear over high heat, or steam cook with this book, which will quickly become your reference for wok cooking. Get inspired and discover new ways to delight your taste buds and those of your loved ones.



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