The Manaka
Flat Bottom Cast Iron Wok


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The Manaka: A Large Flat Bottom Cast Iron Wok with Lid for Perfect Cooking

  • This wok fits all stovetops
  • Simmer your favorite dishes warmly
  • Lid for even cooking
  • The wok retains all the benefits of the ingredients
  • Hand washing or dishwasher safe
  • Free book: 20 healthy and quick recipes
Dive into the World of Authentic Cooking

The Manaka, a large wok with a lid, is an essential tool for traditional cooking. Made of reinforced cast iron, it ensures even heat distribution across its entire cooking surface. Whether you’re cooking on induction, ceramic, gas, or electric, its versatility fits all burners.

The stainless steel inside the wok gives it unbeatable durability, making this utensil a long-term companion in your kitchen. Cook, simmer, fry; be it a pan, a pot, or a cooking utensil, the Manaka is the quintessential versatile tool. Its cookware is designed to optimize each cooking method.

The Manaka’s handles are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, making its use more pleasant. Additionally, its unique coating allows for seasoning the wok, thus enhancing its natural non-stick properties. This wok will accompany you in preparing a variety of dishes, from traditional Asian preparations to modern cooking recipes.

With its cast iron lid, this wok ensures even cooking, thus preserving all the benefits of the ingredients. Moreover, thanks to its capacity, it’s perfect for cooking for a large family or for special events.

A Gift for Cooking Enthusiasts

With the purchase of the Manaka, you receive a book of 20 healthy and quick wok recipes. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned chef, these recipes, especially designed for your wok, will let you discover and master the art of wok cooking. Tasty dishes, easy to make, that will amaze your guests every time.

Each recipe in the book has been carefully selected to showcase Manaka’s ability to retain flavors and nutritional benefits, offering you delicious and nutritious dishes.




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Flat Bottom Cast Iron Wok”

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