The Jangsan
Imusa Wok Cast Iron


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The Imusa Wok Cast Iron Jangsan: The Ultimate Choice for Your BBQ

  • Compatible with all barbecues, including Weber.
  • Adaptable to all kitchen cooktops.
  • Perfect for various cooking methods.
  • Easy to clean, whether by hand or dishwasher.
  • Equipped with handles for optimal maneuverability.
  • The wok is ideal for promoting healthy eating.
  • Included: A book with 20 recipes that are both healthy and quick to make.


Discover the magic of wok cooking with the Jangsan

The Jangsan cast iron wok is a revolution in kitchenware. It was designed to offer you healthy cooking while enhancing the flavor of every dish. Its enameled cast iron ensures even heat distribution, allowing you to simmer, slow-cook, or low-temperature cook flawlessly.

Asian cuisine is rich in stewed dishes, and with this wok, you can recreate the authenticity and flavor of these dishes. Whether it’s traditional wok cooking or a Western twist, the Jangsan is perfect for all your grilling. And, thanks to its non-stick coating, you cook without anything sticking!

If you’re a fan of wok cooking, you know how much the quality of the cooking utensil can influence the taste. With its robust cast iron construction, the Jangsan is not limited to stews. It can serve as a cast iron pan, a cast iron skillet, or even a cast iron casserole. And for fans of healthy cooking, the enameled cast iron material ensures cooking without harmful chemicals.

Furthermore, cooking enthusiasts will appreciate the sturdy stainless steel handles, ensuring safe and comfortable handling. Whether you’re cooking on fire, induction, electric, gas, or ceramic, the Jangsan adapts and meets all your expectations.


Explore Asian Cuisine with Our Free Book

With every purchase of the Jangsan Wok, we offer you an exclusive book of 20 wok recipes. Discover how to make the most of your cast iron wok while exploring traditional and contemporary dishes that will delight your taste buds. Easy-to-follow, healthy, and delicious recipes await you.

This book isn’t just a simple recipe guide. It introduces you to the culture of wok cooking and gives you tips for healthy and perfect cooking. Enough to impress family and friends at your next dinner!



If you’re looking for a wok for a gas barbecue to enjoy this summer, this one should please you! You can also explore our bbq wok range to find your ideal cooking tool.



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Imusa Wok Cast Iron”

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